Liberal Arts (BA)

Build a biblically based perspective on critical thinking, a broad base of interdisciplinary knowledge, and an engagement with modern culture.

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Why Liberal Arts?

The search for truth and the ability to think across the disciplines is a major reason to pursue a degree in the liberal arts (mathematics and science, history and literature, philosophy, fine arts, and social sciences) because they provide us with ways to discover truth in the world. Fitted together with theological reflection on God’s Word, these disciplines enable us to formulate a robust understanding of God, the world, and ourselves. The breadth of study provides knowledge and background that are often left underdeveloped in other programs, helping the liberal arts graduate thrive in a wide variety of fields.

Why Liberal Arts at Cairn?

  • Navigate diverse studies at a University that will strengthen your faith.
  • Customize your education through the addition of minors in other disciplines.
  • Join the Honors Program and dive deeper into a personal topic of interest.
  • Deepen your ability to think biblically within various academic disciplines.
  •  Identify and articulate connections across multiple academic disciplines (great preparation for graduate school!).
  • Learn from professors who have varied literary interests and specialized concentrations.
  • Prepare a final thesis paper or project on a topic of personal interest that can be shared with prospective graduate schools.

Career Paths

  • Graduate school in a concentrated discipline
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Communications specialist
  • Social services human relations officer
  • Publicist
  • Museum curator