Graphic Design

Cairn University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design prepares students to enter the professional field of graphic arts. At Cairn, we seek to educate students to become biblically-minded, well-educated, skilled artists who serve Christ and their communities with their creative abilities.  

At a glance

Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

4 yrs


Why Study Graphic Design?

A BA in Graphic Design develops students to be skilled in technique, knowledgeable in art-making practices, and capable of producing a variety of works according industry standards.  The program provides students the environment to perfect their skills in various media: computer-based design, relief printing, serigraphy (silk-screening), and photography. Upon graduation, students’ final portfolios allow them to enter the professional world of the arts as well as to pursue further academic study at the graduate level.

Why Study Graphic Design at Cairn?

  • Faculty who bring their professional artistic and educational expertise into the classroom
  • Opportunities to be involved in vibrant, student-led art-making workshops and exhibitions on campus
  • A program that provides a rich background of the history of visual problems and solutions in culture

Career Paths

  • Illustrator
  • Art Director
  • Layout Artist
  • Logo Designer
  • CD and Book Jacket Designer
  • Web Designer

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