Community Arts

Develop your artistic skills for the growth and good of those around you.

paintbrushes of various colors

Why Community Arts?

A Community Arts degree teaches you to use your art to benefit others. Learn how to use art to build a platform for those without a voice or to empower and celebrate the unique character of individual communities. Courses concentrate on foundational art and design, art history, psychology, social studies, and professional preparation, all while building your skills in various art mediums.


Why Study Community Arts at Cairn?

  • Integrate and apply a biblical worldview to artistic expression.
  • Pursue effective community involvement with a heart for ministry.
  • Study the practice of art integration in private and public sectors.
  • Develop your own artistic knowledge, skills, and passions.
  • Study in a vibrant art-making community centrally located between Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C.
  • Learn from professors and visiting artists who teach from their areas of expertise.
  • Build meaningful relationships with professors and classmates who are personally invested in you and your goals.
  • Join in on student-led art-making workshops, exhibitions, and a strong on-campus arts community.


Career Paths

  • Arts Education
  • Muralist
  • Artist in Residence
  • Public Artist
  • Participatory art
  • Artivist