Community Arts

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Community Arts prepares students to use their artistic skills for the growth and good of those around them. Art integration has become a crucial part of both the private and public sectors, and students with a community arts degree will be prepared to meet those needs. 

At a glance

Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

4 yrs


Why Study Community Arts?

Community Arts provides a platform for those without a voice, empowering and celebrating the unique character of our communities. This program allows the student to pursue university level studies in the field of community arts while also learning how to integrate and apply a biblical worldview to their field. Courses provide students with study in foundational art and design courses, art history, psychology, social studies, and professional preparation. In addition, this course of study requires students to deepen their studies in various studio and art practice courses.

Why Study Community Arts at Cairn?

  • Faculty who bring their professional artistic and educational expertise into the classroom
  • Opportunities to be involved in vibrant, student-led art-making workshops and exhibitions on campus
  • Provides community involvement with a heart for ministry

Career Paths

  • Arts Education
  • Muralist
  • Artist in Residence
  • Public Artist
  • Participatory art
  • Artivist

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