Christian Studies

Grow spiritually and intellectually as you expand your ability to think critically through a biblical worldview.  Develop as a follower of Christ fit for church or parachurch ministry.

Why Christian Studies?

A Christian Studies degree offers an in-depth Bible education with maximum flexibility to take other courses in other theology, ministry, and electives of your choice. Courses concentrate on biblical perspectives on contemporary issues, church history, spiritual formation and discipleship, and Bible.

Why Christian Studies at Cairn?

  • Form a robust worldview informed by biblical truth and a broad knowledge base
  • Earn a BS in Bible and an MA (Religion) or Master of Divinity (MDiv) in as few as five years, all while qualifying for undergraduate financial aid
  • Demonstrate proficiency in one or more academic disciplines
  • Develop integrated thinking among their academic pursuits
  • Custom design your educational experience with electives and a variety of courses
  • Elective credits allow for the addition of up to two minors

Career Paths

  • Church ministry
  • Para-church ministry
  • Graduate studies
  • Christian education