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The Bible Ministries program is a 2-year program, designed for the student who has earned either an associate or bachelor’s degree, or has completed 64 credits of college work at another institution.

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Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

4 yrs


Why Study Bible Ministries?

The Bible Ministries program builds upon the general education already earned in another discipline at another institution. In this program, students develop a strong understanding of the Bible that will accompany them throughout their lives, careers, and ministries.

Why Study Bible Ministries at Cairn?

  • Ideal for students who already have credit to transfer
  • Opportunity for in-depth, serious study of scripture
  • Preparation for a whole life of service

Career Paths

  • Any type of ministry
  • Further study in humanities or biblical study
  • All careers that require broad and general foundation

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At a glance

Program Credits


Standard Completion Time

4 yrs

Programmatic Accreditation

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