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Submit a Student Ministry Opportunity

Church and organization leaders may submit a ministry opportunity for Cairn students to participate in as part of their student ministry requirement. Complete the online form below.

Please note: We cannot guarantee student participation in your ministry. Students must begin their ministries by the third week of the semester (approximately September 15 and February 11). By completing this form, you are indicating that you have read and agree with the following commitments:

Mentor’s Commitments

  • I am experienced in the area of ministry the student desires to serve and I am willing to mentor the student in their ministry skills.
  • I will consistently provide personal supervision of this student. (A minimum of once a month)
  • I will complete one student evaluation each semester and review it with the student prior to returning it to the University Ministry Center by November 25th and May 1st each semester.
  • I will contact the University Ministry Center if any problems arise.
  • I am committed to the process of nurturing the heart of the student in ministry and their relationship with God.
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