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Ministry Requirements & Report

Ministry Requirements

A student’s ministry/service must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Serving in a church setting.
  • Serving in an organization that supports the church.
  • Serving in an organization that meets the needs of people in a local community (Ex. Habitat for Humanity, Choice One, nursing home).
  • Participating on a mission trip team (at least three days long).
  • Volunteering in a professional setting that utilizes and enhances what students are learning in their curricular program.
  • Participating in Cairn University organizations, activities, office settings, leadership capacities in which you serve the community at Cairn and/or potentially the community at large, by utilizing a combination of professional skills, spiritual gifts, and modeling the Christian faith.


Student Ministry Requirements
  • Full time undergraduate students must satisfactorily register and complete six (6) ministry/service experiences and receive a satisfactory evaluation from a mentor in order to graduate from Cairn.
  • Transfer and part time students will have the number of required ministry/service credits reduced in coordination with course credits transferred into Cairn.


Credit hours Transferred into Cairn Student Ministry Credit Reduction

12-18 credits: requirement reduced to 5

19-36 credits: requirement reduced to 4

37-52+ credits: requirement reduced to 3

  • A minimum of two (2) ministry/service credits are to be completed in a local church setting. Exceptions to this expectation are rare and are only granted when extenuating circumstance prevented some aspect of ministry to a local church.
  • Students may be involved in ministry/service experiences during the fall, spring or summer term.
  • A Ministry/Service Registration Form and Mentor Evaluation Form must be submitted by the due date for each ministry experience in order to receive a satisfactory grade and credit.
  • Students will submit Registration Form in the fall and spring by the due date assigned by the University Ministry Center (September 30 and February 15).
  • A $25 late fee will be assessed by the registrar for seniors in their graduating semester who hand in late paperwork for previously accomplished ministries.
  • Students will submit a signed Registration Form by May 30 for a summer ministry.
  • Registration Forms will not be accepted after the due dates for each term.


Grading Procedures
  • Students will be assessed by their ministry/service mentor and a grade of S or U will be recorded on the student’s academic transcript.
  • No grade will be recorded if the mentor’s evaluation of the student’s ministry/service is not returned. This grade will be changed when the Mentor Evaluation Form is received.
  • Updates will be provided for students to keep track of how many ministry/service experiences they have successfully completed.
  • Students may not graduate until all six (6) ministry/service experiences are successfully completed (Exceptions will be made for transfer and part time students that do not have six (6) full time semesters at Cairn).