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Matching Gift Week Raises Over $130,000 to Benefit Cairn Students

From March 15–19, 2021, many generous donors rallied to raise money for The Cairn Fund during Cairn’s annual Matching Gift Week. Like the several before it, this year’s Matching Gift Week ended with resounding success. 
Each year, faithful donors commit to match up to $50,000 of gifts made to the University during Matching Gift Week. This year, an additional giver committed to matching up to $10,000 more. With a midweek goal change to $60,000, the University’s donors met and exceeded the challenge, bringing in a total of $132,200. 
This year’s Matching Gift Week focused on the effective and timely impact of providing Cairn graduates with a biblical worldview in their areas of study. Cairn highlighted students heading into important fields where being biblically minded is not only uncommon but uniquely effective. 
male student sits for interview
Politics major Nate Rossi ’21 was one such example. During his time at Cairn, he developed an understanding of how faith informs policy. “We might disagree as Christians,” he explained, “…but our faith needs to inform us on how we treat each other, especially when we’re in political discussion.” Nate completed an internship with Congressman Bryan Fitzpatrick as part of his politics curriculum, giving him the opportunity to put that biblically minded approach into practice even before he graduates. He plans to continue this approach in the future as he hopes to run for state or federal office. See more in his video at

Matching Gift Week also highlighted social work major Rachel Eelman ’23. Rachel’s in-class and real-world experiences are helping her integrate professional social work competency and biblical thought. Interacting with caring and faithful professors is deepening her understanding of how to model Christlikeness among the people with whom she works. In only her sophomore year, she already serves as the president of the social work club, and she looks forward to starting her first placement next year. 
Because of donations from generous supporters of the University, students like Nate and Rachel can receive the biblical education that our world needs. This continued annual support of The Cairn Fund helps more students receive financial aid to make a college education more accessible. 
Thank you, once again, for generously investing in the success of our students!


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