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Cairn University Brand Assets

Cairn University’s brand exists to help people understand why we do things the way that we do. It conveys the mission of the University and helps people understand that the education they get here is a different kind of education.

The brand should convey meaning, be compelling, and be deeply rooted in purpose. It should also be immediately recognizable, distinguishable, and yet memorable.

The goal, therefore, of this guide is to bring together all of the visual elements that make up Cairn University’s brand so that they are cohesive and consistent.

brand identity guide


Did you know that video way outperforms photography on social channels? Here are some promotional video pieces for you to enjoy and share with others.


Share a glimpse of the Cairn experience with others. Full-resolution copies of these photos and more are available to download to help promote Cairn University. Contact [email protected] to request photo assets.


We welcome you to download our official logos to help promote the university. We have compiled a pack of our three main logo variations in full color, black, and white, and in PNG and EPS file formats. If you need any additional versions of the logo, you may submit a request to the University’s Communications & Marketing Department.

Please follow our guidelines for logo use to maintain quality and consistency wherever the Cairn identity appears.

Logo Guidelines

  1. Do not add drop shadows to the logo
  2. Do not add strokes around the logo
  3. Do not bevel the logo
  4. Do not stretch the logo
  5. Do not change the font of the logo
  6. Do not rearrange the elements of the logo

Logo A (primary)

cairn logo

Logo B (horizontal)

cairn logo horizontal

Logo C (stacked)
cairn logo vertical