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Student groups promote leadership opportunities, spiritual maturity, and cultural awareness. Students walk alongside one another, on the same path toward responsible decision-making, spiritual growth, transformation, and character development. They are also a lot of fun!

Student Clubs

Ascend (Outdoor Activities Club)

ASCEND exists to provide Cairn students with outdoor recreation opportunities that promote adventure, growth, and fellowship along with an appreciation and reverence for God’s creation. Activities may include: ski trips, camping, caving, surfing, hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing, and mountain biking, among many others.

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Cairn Ultimate (Frisbee)

Commuter Council

The Commuter Council represents the unique interests and concerns of Cairn’s commuter population. They assist Student Life in planning events and opportunities to help commuter students get involved in University life.

Environmental Club

Heritage Residence Hall Association

The purpose of the Cairn University Residence Hall Associations is to provide culture-shaping, student-experience-enhancing, site-specific programming for their particular residence hall. There is a RHA for Manor Residence Halls and Heritage Hall. The RHA is responsible for providing space for students to implement student events.

History Club

Level Up (Gaming Club)

Manor Residence Hall Association

The purpose of the Cairn University Residence Hall Associations is to provide culture-shaping, student-experience-enhancing, site-specific programming for their particular residence hall. There is a RHA for Manor Residence Halls and Heritage Hall. The RHA is responsible for providing space for students to implement student events.

Mu Kappa

Mu Kappa exists to provide students whose parents are missionaries, and other interested students, the opportunity to gather and exchange cultural ideas, and celebrate diversity and their unique experience as children of missionaries. They go on various trips throughout the academic year.

Student Missionary Fellowship (SMF)

Student Missionary Fellowship exists to help spread the gospel locally and globally. The club raises awareness and supports missions through guest speakers, weekly prayer and praise nights, hands-on opportunities to share the gospel, and support for one another. SMF also supports students going on missions trips and participating in various missions projects throughout the year.

Student Theological Society (STS)

The mission of Student Theological Society is to advance the pursuit of God’s truth within the Cairn community by providing a student-led forum for collaborative discussion of theological issues pertaining to the formation and maintenance of a biblical worldview.

Student Culture Association

The Student Culture Association provides opportunities for Cairn students, faculty, and staff to learn, engage, and appreciate the rich cultural and artistic diversity of the world we live in. The club organizes group meetings, discussion forums, art initiatives, community service, and chapel presentations to motivate lifestyles contributing toward cultural reconciliation.

Student Program Association

The Student Programs Association exists to serve the student body through the planning and execution of events, programs, and activities. We are committed to enriching the student experience by bringing dynamic campus life to the student body through our efforts. We aim to bring diverse and meaningful experiences and excitement to all of our events in order to appeal to each and every student at Cairn.

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Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association at Cairn University exists to represent Cairn University students and their needs; charter and regulate student organizations and club; and develop and maintain student-oriented campus wide programming focused on community activism.

Represent on behalf of Cairn University students.

  • Providing opportunities to serve on institutional wide-committees made up of students, faculty, administrators, and staff members.
  • Developing and proposing student-based initiatives centered upon Cairn’s mission and educational goals.
  • Active and visible in sporting events, social activities intramurals, Homecoming, and other major events sponsored by the University.

Charter and regulate student organizations and clubs.

  • Provide students with opportunities to develop student special-interest groups with the hopes of creating student organizations/clubs on campus.
  • Confirm that organizations are holding regular meetings, and a minimum of scheduled events per semester.
  • Ensure the appropriate use of the activity fee as needed and requested by each student organization.

Develop and maintain student-oriented campus wide programming focused on community activism.

  • Encourage co-participation of multiple student organizations on specific events which would benefit large numbers of the student body.
  • Provide and promote joint efforts of the SGA and other organizations in-service and volunteerism in the Langhorne/Bucks County community.
  • Be the primary leaders in oversight and execution of Cairn’s participation in the Adopt a Highway program.

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Student Visual Arts Society (SVAS)

The Student Visual Arts Society exists to promote the growth and development of the fine arts on campus by providing a means for visual artists within the Cairn community to exercise their gifts and passions to glorify God, and learn more about themselves and their community through a creative outlet. Jointly, the goal of the SVAS is to deepen the Cairn community’s recognition of the value and presence of art and the role it plays in society, our lives, and the world around us.

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Tennis Club

Cairn Track Club

The mission of the Cairn Track Club is to promote exercise during the school year, encourage people to go outdoors, and help influence people to get in shape. Cross Country team members, new runners, any fall athletes, and unexperienced runners to invited to join.

Professional Organizations

Alpha Chi Epsilon (Teacher Education Club)

Alpha Chi Epsilon exists to provide opportunities for students to be well-equipped intellectually, socially, and professionally for a positive and effective career in education.

Chi Beta Sigma (Social Work Club)

Chi Beta Sigma (Christ.Bible.Society) serves as a liaison between social work students and the School of Social Work. All students enrolled in the social work program are considered members of Chi Beta Sigma. The student organization plans and directs all the activities, service opportunities, and program planning for chapels.


Enactus is an international organization that facilitates student-led projects with the pupose of empowering people to achieve sustainable progress for themselves and their communities. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus create and implement projects around the globe. The experience transforms lives and helps students develop the talent and perspective that are essential to success in an ever-more complicated and challenging world.

Our mission is to provide all Cairn students opportunities to learn, grow, connect, and significantly expand their horizons. We love what we do, working together to serve the campus, community, and world. Our current projects include solar power generation, partnering with humanitarian-focused entrepreneurs, and job search seminars for students, international refugees, and community-based ministries.

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Health/Physical Education Club (HPEC)

The Health and Physical Education Club provides health and physical education majors a chance to enhance their professional identity and the community. HPEC offers various programs which allow club members to interact with professionals outside of Cairn, develop leadership skills, and get involved with service and ministry projects.

School of Music (with internal CMENC)

Students enrolled in the School of Music are united in a rigorous and challenging program that uniquely groups those students together throughout their academic tenure at Cairn. The School of Music has an additional club open to all music education majors for the purpose of enhancing professional development and commitment through membership in the national association called MENC.

Student Publications


The Milestone, the University yearbook, strives to accurately represent the people, places, and events of Cairn. Committed student staff handle the writing, photography, and layout design.

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The Scroll

Cairn’s student newspaper, The Scroll, reports on campus and community-relevant news, ideas, and opinions. Creative student staff use their journalistic writing, photography, and design skills to meet the deadlines of newspaper publication.

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