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Residence Life is a part of the unique university experience at Cairn.

You will develop life-long friendships, learn in a social context, and most importantly, be a part of a dynamic university community. Undergraduate students can choose from two university residence sites.

Manor Residence Halls

Manor Residence Halls house 200 students and are centrally located on campus, a short walk from the Mason Activity Center, classrooms, and administration buildings.   Living quarters are suite-style and include a shared bathroom.  Lounge areas have a refrigerator, microwave, TV, and laundry facilities.

Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall is located at the main entrance of the University. Heritage Hall includes a large common room, multi-use conference room, game area, and student laundry facilities. A small number of rooms are suite-style with a shared bathroom and the remaining rooms are double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms.

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Campus Amenities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my roommate?

We do our best to accommodate room requests. Incoming students are asked to complete a Housing Preference Form, which includes an opportunity to request a roommate. We will attempt to accommodate all housing requests. If you do not have a roommate request, we will use your completed housing preference form to match you with someone who appears to be compatible to your personality and living style.

Will I be able to bring my car to campus?

As you may have heard (or seen), exciting things are happening at Cairn in regards to new construction! Back in April, Cairn University began construction for the G. Patrick Stillman Athletic Complex. The complex will house new soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and softball fields, providing new opportunities for campus life and community gatherings. We’re excited that you will get to benefit from this new athletics complex when it’s complete early in 2022. Until then, construction equipment and excavated dirt are monopolizing several of our campus parking lots.

With extremely limited parking this fall, we are requiring that residential freshmen* leave their vehicles at home. We know this will be a challenge for some, and we are currently exploring off-campus parking alternatives. In the meantime, the University cannot accommodate on-campus parking for freshmen students living on campus. This situation is temporary. As construction wraps up, and as parking spaces open up, residential freshmen will be allowed to apply for on-campus parking permits. We fully anticipate parking will return to full capacity by the spring semester.

*a student who has completed fewer than 28 college-level credits

Learn more about Vehicle Regulations and Registration.

Can I bring my bicycle to campus?

Yes, there are strategically placed bike storage racks at each resident site and around the University.

Am I required to live in a residence hall?

Cairn University is a residential campus. There are specific requirements to live off-campus, the most common being a student commuting from their legal guardians’ permanent home address. Exemption applications are only available each Spring semester for students to apply for the following Fall or Spring semesters or the full academic year.

Can I bring a refrigerator to my room?

Students who live in Manor or Heritage Hall may bring a compact refrigerator with a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet or less.

Are pets permitted?

No. Pets, with the exception of fish, are not allowed on campus. Fish must be kept in an aquarium less than 10 gallons in size.

When can I begin moving in?

Students attending Cairn for the first time are permitted to move into their residence hall during Student Welcome and Orientation. Returning students are notified of their move-in date during the summer break.

Refer to the Student Welcome and Orientation schedule for check-in dates and times.

Can I move in early?

No, the University does not permit early arrivals. In order to adequately prepare the residence halls and campus for your arrival, students are not permitted to move in until move-in weekend. During move-in, there are an abundance of activities for you and your family to be a part of as you transition to the University.

Where do I obtain my room key?

You will be given your room keys by Residence Life staff during Student Welcome and Orientation or on the returning student move-in day.

What size are the beds in the residence halls?

Most beds are standard twin size. There are several XL twin beds upon request and availability. Students entering into rooms with XL beds will be notified to plan accordingly.

Can I bring my own furniture?

For health and safety reasons, students are discouraged from bringing used or second-hand furniture onto Cairn’s campus. The university provides a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and chair for each student. Students may bring their own furniture, but we recommend coordinating these efforts with future roommates. Please refer to the student handbook for further understanding of our furniture policies.

Can I store my furniture and belongings at Cairn over the summer?

No, students must arrange for the use of a local storage facility to secure any items that cannot be taken home during the summer months. Students who leave items in their residence hall will be charged a removal and disposal fee.

Do I have to be on a meal plan?

Yes, resident students must purchase a meal plan. Good nutrition is important in providing you the energy you need to perform well. We are happy to accommodate specific dietary restrictions.

Have more questions about Cairn University housing or dining? Call 215.702.4213 or email for more information.

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