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Laurence Morris’ Revelation Series On Display in the Eastburn Gallery

A series of six silk screen prints designed by award-winning artist Laurence Morris (1950–2019) is currently on display in the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery at Cairn University. Morris based his spectacular Revelation Series on the final book of the Bible, featuring scenes from John’s apoplectic visions. 

Revelation Series was first created in 1972 for Morris’ senior thesis project at the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts). His six prints are titled “Wars and Rumors of Wars,” “Patience of the Saints,” “Coming of the Lord,” “The Last Seven Plagues,” “The Lake of Fire,” and “Marriage of the Lamb.” Finding inspiration from medieval and renaissance sacred art, 20th century surrealism, contemporary issues, and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Morris shared that he designed his series for “the encouragement of the Church through the knowledge of the Lord’s coming.” Rich with sporadic details referencing contemporary culture and biblical allusions, these six pieces will intrigue those who take careful examination of his series. When Morris submitted this piece for exhibition at the Jenkintown Festival of the Arts in 1973, he won first prize in graphics.    

The University’s Connie A. Eastburn Gallery is also displaying many of Morris’ preliminary sketches and early-stage prints. Viewers will see Morris’ meticulous process of layering colors onto the prints, which is known as inking. Morris used a 43-inch squeegee while inking the four-foot by three-foot silk screens. 

Revelation Series will be on display through March 4. To learn more about Laurence and his work, visit


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