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March 24 to April 28, 2023
Fridays, 1:30-3 pm

$30 per student / $80 per family (max)

Kidsport is BACK!

Kidsport is an affordable, quality physical education program for home school students grades K–12. Kidsport helps students develop a healthy and active lifestyle by increasing physical activity time and teaching kids to make healthy choices. Most importantly, Kidsport is FUN!

Your children will be placed in one of our six groups, which are created based on age and grade level. Each of our six groups will participate in health-enhancing physical activities centered around a developmentally appropriate health and physical education curriculum. Our Cairn University School of Education students will be the teachers and coaches that your children will interact with and learn from during their participation in Kidsport.

We are excited to be working with your families once again through Cairn University’s Kidsport program!

Contact Information
Gregg Fanus
[email protected]

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Kids playing with parachute

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