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Is Interdisciplinary Studies a Good Degree?

There’s a stigma surrounding interdisciplinary studies degrees, with some wondering if it would be more beneficial to major in one specific field rather than pursue multiple subjects. However, an interdisciplinary studies degree equips graduates to hone their passions in dynamic and diverse careers. 

We’ve outlined some of the best benefits of this degree path and some possible job outcomes for those pursuing a unique and customized degree. 

What is an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree? 

An interdisciplinary studies degree is a major that allows students to pick and choose their courses and subjects of study. Instead of choosing just one major or field of information, students who choose an interdisciplinary approach can take classes from several different majors at their university. 

For example, students can study both English and History, splitting their course load amongst the two majors and picking parts of each that best align with their interests and their future career goals. Or, they could take courses in both business and psychology, learning more about what makes people and customers tick. The customizability of the degree is endless.

What Can You Do With an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

Having such a customizable degree as interdisciplinary studies opens up myriad career paths. Graduates of an interdisciplinary studies program can work in business spheres, educational settings, and in public service roles. Here are a few possible careers you can pursue with a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies. 

Admissions Counselor

As an admissions counselor, you’ll help other students find a degree they’re passionate about. Your encouragement and knowledge of your university’s offerings will help students see their potential. The types of courses you might take to become an admissions counselor could include classes on organizational planning, advanced composition, any number of courses on mentorship or psychology, and more. You could pull from many different majors to build your interest in being an admissions counselor, and the more classes you take, the better equipped you’ll be to help students know what college courses are like. 

Admissions counselors are always needed in the college admissions process, and they can expect to make about $48,209.

Human Resources Coordinator 

Human resources coordinators help businesses run smoothly. They work in practical problem-solving to help people in organizations get along. They also often handle employees’ hiring and letting go, working closely with management to ensure an efficient and profitable corporation. 

To prepare to be a human resources coordinator, you should take some psychology courses and courses on data management since you’ll be dealing with people and their personal information. Another good course to pursue would be a business course so that you can understand the ins and outs of helping companies thrive. They can expect to make about $44,074 a year.

Marketing Coordinator

Professionals that work in marketing help businesses and other organizations get the word out about their offerings. They work closely with the company’s managers to ensure their messaging is accurate and helpful, and they keep up-to-date on best practices in technical and business processes. 

Helpful courses for marketing coordinators include business courses like marketing, those that deal with data management, accounting, and more. Marketing coordinators can make about $48,013 on average.

Christian Counselor 

If you want to help families and individuals live their healthiest lives through compassionate Christian counsel and insight, consider a career in Christian counseling. To pursue a career in counseling, you’ll need to pursue a Master’s degree in counseling, but some courses you can take during your undergraduate years will help you obtain this career. Some examples include psychology courses, theology courses, youth and family ministry classes, and more. 

Christian counselors can make around $122,584 a year.

Cairn University’s Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

If you’re interested in a degree that prepares you to use your passions in any field, an interdisciplinary studies degree from Cairn University is the right choice. With this program, you can apply all your unique interests and God-given talents to your pursuit of a college degree and your life beyond graduation. 

Centered on Christ and His Word, the Interdisciplinary Studies program enables you to craft your education around your interests and passions. In this program, you create an individualized path to graduation aligned with your unique personal career goals. This program allows students to study two or more academic disciplines under one degree – taking the knowledge of one discipline and applying it to another for a broader perspective.

By choosing Cairn University, you’ll be investing in education with a firm Biblical foundation, equipping you to carry your faith into your profession after graduation.

Take charge of your learning and fulfill your future career plans with a Bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from Cairn University. Request more information about our program today, or schedule a visit to see Cairn.


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