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Hall of Fame Vietnam Veteran David Christian Speaks to Students

On Wednesday, November 15, Vietnam Veteran David Christian was invited to speak to Cairn University students. Christian, originally from Bucks County, is the youngest most decorated Vietnam War veteran, having been awarded seven purple hearts for his bravery. He served as a senior advisor for the Senate on national defense, foreign affairs, and veteran benefits. His efforts were crucial in fighting for the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall and writing Agent Orange and Post Traumatic Stress Legislation. This year, he was inducted into the United States Military Officers Hall of Fame. 

Christian shared with students his struggles returning disabled from a controversial war. After recovering  from his injuries, he decided to attend law school to advocate for veterans like himself. His efforts took him all the way to the White House, where he spoke with President Jimmy Carter on veteran affairs. This path came with more sacrifices when he was fired from his job, and his new job working for the Ronald Raegan administration often took him away from his family. Through his new position, however, Christian was able to influence legislators and politicians for the benefit of veterans. 

As he reflected on his own life and the lessons he learned in leadership, international affairs, and suffering, Christian motivated students to stand firm in their convictions, and to be prepared for the repercussions that may come. “You are tomorrow’s leaders,” he said. “You want to go and change the world? Then try, and if you do so, do your best job.” 


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