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Former Professor Elmer Johnson ’64 Passes Away at Age 79

Elmer Johnson ’64, alumnus and beloved former faculty member, passed away on November, 1, 2020, at the age of 79. 
Elmer came to the University in the Spring of 1960 and graduated in 1964 with a BS in Bible. He then attended Dallas Theological Seminary and earned a Master of Theology in 1969. It was shortly after finishing his DTS education that Elmer returned to the University to teach. Teaching biblical exposition, he spent seven years on the faculty in the 70s. After a career as a pastor and 16 years at Scripture Press Publications, of Wheaton, IL, Elmer returned to the University to direct the New Jersey Campus from Fall 1999 to July 2001 when the campus closed. 
A recent issue of Cairn featured Elmer as the “Who’s This Highlander?” inviting alumni to write in memories about the featured individual. We have appropriately included a few of the alumni responses below:
“I remember him teaching a class on the minor prophets and making Amos so real that I still can’t read his words without picturing them coming from Elmer’s mouth!”  —Robert Bell ’73 
“He was a great teacher and he made the Bible come alive. He was very kind and patient. The world needs more professors like him today.” —Carol (Sholes) Peer ’78
“I remember him as a tough-sounding instructor. But while he could sound tough, he was always approachable; the door to his office was always open. He was a good man and a beloved faculty member.” —Greg Aikins ’75
Elmer will be remembered by alumni as an engaging faculty member who had a genuine interest in his students.


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