First Year Programs

Cairn University gives students the opportunity to examine their broad and diverse interests in a cohort setting through a variety of Christian gap year programs. Our First Year Programs are dynamic one-year accredited university experiences perfect as a gap year after high school or to build a foundation for further study.

Cairn offers an Urban Ministry First Year Program on its main campus in Langhorne, PA, and partners with Vox Bivium and OneLife to provide other opportunities across the country. Each program is focused on developing community, working to understand the structure and doctrines of the Bible, and developing an overarching biblical worldview.

Urban Ministry

GET INVOLVED. Immerse yourself in vibrant urban communities, and interact with ministries that make a difference.

Cairn University’s Urban Ministry Program provides students with a first year experience focused on developing a unique community of students who will learn together through rigorous courses, acclimate to the needs of urban communities, and serve in those same communities with the heart of a developing Christ-centered social ministry to urban residents.


Understand the urban context for life and ministry both in the local and global setting. With a strong biblical basis and an understanding of the historical nature of urban ministry, the cohort delves deeply into urban communities to understand the complex systems, effective ministry strategies, and the core of what God is doing in neighborhoods across the city. Curriculum includes 5-6 Bible & Theology courses, English Composition, and 5-6 courses in Urban Ministry and the Local Church.


The city is the classroom for students in the Urban Ministry Program. Their urban-specific classes take place in the city, engaging with people, ministries and complex systems, gaining firsthand experience of both the issues facing urban communities and the incredible opportunities. The cohort also travels to other urban centers in the United States and overseas to study alongside seasoned practitioners in their context.


Watch an introduction to the Urban Ministry Program

The cohort model that FYP offers is one that cannot be duplicated. Within the cohort of Urban Ministry we depend, learn, and work together in order to reach our full potentials. Learning in a cohort allows us to be exposed to different perspectives and views and to grow in the process. The cohort challenges us to work together and even sacrifice in order to reach a greater goal.

Brianna T.
Urban Ministry

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