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You’re here because you value a Christian education.

Daily Devotions from the "Desire Jesus, One Year Devotional" by Pastor John Stange
Are you looking for a daily bible reading plan? Join Pastor John Stange each morning as he reads one chapter of Scripture, followed by a time of prayer. Together, we'll dive deep into the Bible and discover the riches that God has for us. If you're looking for an audio bible podcast, this is the one for you.
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But not just any “Christian” education. One that is faithfully dedicated to Christ and His Word. ​

In a world where truth is subjective and a commitment to upholding the realities of Scripture is optional, you know the importance of an institution with a steadfast commitment to Christ.

We uphold the reality that Christ and His Word are essential.

You understand the need for an institution that facilitates genuine growth, both spiritually and academically 

Our mission to create biblically-minded men and women of character is promoted in every aspect of our student life.

You want to see an institution that provides students the tools and resources to take their education, their passion, and their commitment to Scripture out into a world that needs those values.

We prepare our students—both as students and as graduates—to live out a faith and truth that result in action.

Know a student looking to be encouraged in these values? Refer them below.