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Marti MacCullough
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, School of Education

Teaching at Cairn since 1980

Martha MacCullough


  • Ed.D. (emphasis in Learning Theory & Mathematics Education), Temple University
  • M.A. in Christian Education, Wheaton University
  • B.S. in Bible (concentration in International Studies/Missions), Cairn University


Dr. Marti MacCullough teaches biblical integration, philosophy of education, educational psychology, theories of learning, school discipline, and various teaching methods courses for all levels.

Prior to teaching at Cairn, Dr. MacCullough taught elementary and middle school for 15 years.  During this time, she helped pilot a Head Start program for low-income preschoolers, initiated a gifted program for middle-schoolers, developed a physical education & health curriculum for K-8, and initiated a school library.

Since 1984, Dr. MacCullough has administrated teacher education programs in Christian higher education. After starting an elementary teacher education program for Lancaster Bible College, she initiated and administrated Cairn’s School of Education for over 30 years.  During that time, she led the development of 17 different state- and ACSI-certified teacher education programs, in addition to three ACSI-only programs.  During this time, she also served as director of Cairn’s summer international campuses in Germany, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

Additional Information

Academic Specialties & Interests:
Human learning theory; Philosophy of education informed by a Christian worldview; Worldview thinking; Developing a worldview approach to biblical thinking

Professional Background:

  • By Design: Developing a Philosophy of Education Informed by a Christian Worldview. Cairn University, 2013.
  • “Developing a Biblical Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration” (booklet). Cairn University, 1999.
  • Textbook chapters in Foundations of Education (Purposeful Design, 2004) and Faith-Based Constructive Teaching
  • Seven articles in Christian School Education, Cairn magazine, and the publication of the Leadership Academy
  • Numerous papers, presentations, seminars, and workshops

Professional Background:

  • Alumna of the Year, Cairn University (2000)
  • NCCAA Hall of Fame (2004)
  • National Coach of the Year, NCCAA (1993 & 1987)
  • Teacher of the Year, Pennsylvania Academy for the Profession of Teaching (1990)
  • Who’s Who in American Education (1990)
  • Hall of Honor, Cairn University (1989)
  • Teacher of the Year, Cairn University (1987)
  • Delta Epsilon Chi National Collegiate Honor Society (1962)

Teaching at Cairn since 1980