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Affiliate Artist, School of Music

Teaching at Cairn since 2003

Marshall Taylor


  • M.Mus., Northwestern University
  • B.Mus., Wheaton College


Saxophonist Marshall Taylor studied the Paris Conservatoire, under a Fulbright grant, and his teachers and coaches include Marcel Mule, Frederick Hemke, Henry Schuman, Marcel Moyse and Ifor Jones. As a performer, he appears in recital, chamber music, ballet, orchestral, new music and modern dance settings.

He has played in Eastern and Western Europe and Japan as well as the United States. He has worked closely with such composers as Milton Babbitt, Luciano Berio, Lukas Foss, David Glaser, Matthew Greenbaum, Karel Husa, William Kraft, Jan Krzywicki, Gerald Levinson, Ursula Mamlok, Pauline Oliveros, Raoul Pleskow, James Primosch, Shulamit Ran, Terry Riley and Maurice Wright, playing and recording their compositions, some of which were written for him.

With Dr. Marion Kant and Ephraim Schafli, he presents concerts of “Entartete Musik” (“Degenerate Music”)—the music of composers banned, displaced and/or murdered by the Nazi regime.

Additional Information

Academic Specialties & Interests:

  • Applied Saxophone
  • Chamber Ensemble


Teaching at Cairn since 2003