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Dean of the School of Education Dr. Stacey Bose Receives Award for School Foundation

Cairn University is proud to recognize a special achievement of the dean of the School of Education, Dr. Stacey Bose. Dr. Bose and her husband received a special award for their work of starting and supporting Brasilia International School 25 years ago.

As part of the Network of International Christian Schools, the Boses found that God was directing them and their work to Brasilia, Brazil. Initially, they had their heart set on Buenos Aires, Argentina; however, when they saw the need for a school in Brasilia, they followed God’s clear directive. In 2000, the couple were hired as teachers. But when Brasilia’s original set-up team needed to return to the United States, the Boses unexpectedly took over the school plant project. Within the first year, they saw the school grow from 10 students to 30. In the following few years, the school grew exponentially, enrolling 120 students from over 20 different countries.

A decade later, the Boses still found themselves at Brasilia International School. They had witnessed God do amazing things during their 10 years there, including the school gaining accreditation, moving buildings, and renovating building spaces. After all this work, the Boses saw that their mission had been accomplished. Since then, they have not found their way back—until this past May, when the Boses accepted a surprise invitation to the school’s 25th anniversary celebration.

As Dr. Bose reflected on her trip, she shared a cherished moment from the celebration: “We were able to directly see and hear how God took our feeble efforts and multiplied them in unexpected ways. At the celebration, a Brazilian couple we had never met before came up to us with their 9th grade son. They said, with tears in their eyes, how grateful they were that we were willing to make the sacrifices that we did early on so their son—many years later—could study at a school that is firmly established on the truth of God’s Word. As I reflected on the event, I felt like I had a small glimpse of what heaven will be like, where we will meet people from all stages of our lives and together celebrate the goodness of God!”

Congratulations, Dr. Bose!


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