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Choosing a Christian College: 15 Questions to Ask College Students

The college-choosing journey is a stage of life filled with excitement. But along with all the daydreams of cool classes, new friends, and a decked-out dorm comes a thousand questions about what exactly those daydreams will look like. What do I want to study? How will I meet people and get involved on top of schoolwork? Where will I even go for college?

Whether you have had a dream college your entire life or you have no idea where to go or what to do, you are bound to have questions about how to navigate this next stage in your life. To make sure you get the answers you need as you explore different college options, we’ve created this guide for you on what to ask during your next college visit.

College Questions? Get Connected with the Experts!

One of the best ways to learn more about a particular college is to ask questions, and who better to ask than current college students? These are the students who have struggled through the same questions you have been asking. Think of them as seasoned veterans or wise gurus who have already been through the challenges of the college selection process.

There are a number of ways to get connected with current students. Talk to students you already know at the college, or ask an admission officer to connect you with some students. But the most authentic way to converse with current students may be to talk to someone hanging out in the student center or catch some students on their way to their dorm. In this case, it’s OK to talk to strangers.

Want to know more about how an in-person visit can help you in your decision process? Check out our blog post, 5 Reasons to Schedule a Personal Visit!

15 Questions to Ask When Visiting Colleges

It can be tricky to know what questions to ask a college student that will be most practically helpful for you. To get you started, here are some questions to ask college students about their experience in all different areas of their college journey!

Ask About Their College Experience

  1. Why did you decide to attend this college?

There are lots of reasons to choose a college, so hearing what sold a student on a college can help you determine what reasons matter most to you.

  1. Is the college what you thought it would be? Why or why not?

Get an insider’s perspective on what life is really like at this college to understand what to expect.

  1. What do you like best about this college? What do you like the least?

This will help you know some pros and cons of the college, some of which you might not have considered before.

  1. If you could go back in time, would you choose this college again? If not, why?

You can evaluate whether or not this college will have a lasting impact on you and what kind of impact that will be.

Ask About College Student Life

  1. How would you describe the people here?

When you get an answer, ask yourself, “Is this a community you’ll want to live in?” “Does this feel like a place that fosters growth?”

  1. What kind of student would fit in at this college?

Find out if you’re the ideal student for this school and get an idea of your ability to make connections there. 

  1. What do the majority of students complain about? (What are the pluses and minuses of living here? What is an authentic take on campus life?

It can be helpful to get an honest look at what students think about attending a college holistically, from meal plans to course offerings. Psst: get a student’s perspective on  living at Cairn

  1. Are there lots of ways to get involved?

Learn about student clubs and organizations that will help you get involved with the community at school.

  1. What do students do on the weekends?

Find out what to do with your free time and the coolest places to get homework done! Check out some of Cairn’s favorite spots to hang out.

Ask About the Academic Experience

  1. What are the most popular majors?

This helps you know if this college is a good fit for your preferred major and alerts you to college’s academic strengths.

  1. How do you like the professors here?

Professors can make or break your college experience and academic achievement. Read about how this Cairn student’s college experience was shaped by one of their professors

  1. How well does this college prepare you for finding a job?

Choosing a career path is a big stressor for college students, so ask about what the process of getting a job after college has been like.

Ask About the Faith-Based Education

  1. What is it like to attend a Christian University?

Learn about Bible classes, chapel, and why Christian higher education will prepare you for growth in all areas for your future. 

  1. How is the spiritual life on campus?

Find out about student-led Bible studies and ministry outreach that goes on around campus.

  1. Are there ministry opportunities?

Serving in ministry is a huge part of a Christian education, so make sure to find out about Christian ministry opportunities at your college. 

Read about Cairn’s recent missions trip to Spain or check out the ministry center!

With all the different colleges you are visiting, it’s important to take some time to learn what makes each college distinct listen to the voices that make up each student body, and take the time to figure out what makes each college—and its students—unique!

The Value of a Christian Education

Christian colleges provide unique opportunities that help grow your academics, your character, and your spiritual walk throughout your education. By immersing yourself in a community of fellow believers and a faith-based education, you will be prepared to serve Christ wherever you go.

Cairn University’s mission is to equip men and women with a biblically-based education that will prepare them to put their faith into action in any career.


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