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Cairn University Hires Dr. Liesl Lawrence full-time to teach Biology Program

Dr. Lawrence 1000

Cairn University is excited to bring Dr. Liesl Lawrence on as the newest faculty member in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dr. Lawrence will serve as a full-time biology professor. She has earned her BS in Biological Science from The Master’s University as well as her PhD in integrated Biomedical Science from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Her accolades include the Rennels Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies as well as the George Franklin Howe Award. Her ability to integrate biology with a robust, articulate, and thorough inclusion of a biblical worldview will be a valuable asset to the program. 

Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Aneesh Khushman, says of the onboarding of Dr. Lawrence: 

“Dr. Lawrence is a scholar in her field. But more than that, she demonstrates the critical ability to express and teach biology from a biblical worldview. For Cairn, it’s a win-win. I look forward to her coming to Cairn and helping us continue to grow an already growing program.”

You can learn more about Dr. Lawrence here.

Welcome, Dr. Lawrence!


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