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Brady Goodwin

Adjunct Professor, author, two-time Grammy nominated artist, and co-founding member of the pioneering Christian rap group, The Cross Movement, Brady Goodwin aka Phanatik joins the podcast for an explanation of his own background, the unique history and sociological elements of hip-hop culture, over and underrated rap artists, and how a biblical worldview is essential in an exploration of all things aesthetic. Listen to win a free copy of one of his books.

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  • Tyran Gorham

    Very sound view on the hip hop culture, I would definitely like to hear more. Very rarely do I ever hear this particular culture and music discussed with an evangelical approach with a Biblical Worldview. 👍

  • Susan

    Thanks for sharing – I always say I enjoy all kinds of music but rap isn’t one I have explored much. Thanks for the insights and artist suggestions.

  • Denise (Cocuzza 1977 PCB) Rowe

    I found this podcast fascinating. I graduated PCB in 1977 from the social work department, when the school was still at 18th and Arch. So, I spent 4 years in the inner city. I am 65 and white but 3 years ago I found my way into an urban church plant in Lansing, MI. The Pastor at City Life Lansing is a hip hop rapper musician. He is white but married a Mexican woman and his vision for the church is “all races, all faces, you belong here.” I have never been in a Christian church that is so incredibly racially, ethnically, economically, and educationally diverse. It is quite a phenomenon. I am not a rapper, but I am a poet and writer and I am part of the worship team who invites me to share my poetry as part of worship about every 8 weeks. I have had more response in this environment than I ever did among white, conservative, middle class women. There are rappers there who tell me how much my poetry means to them and I am blown away. This church is a cultural stretch for me (though I don’t mind being stretched) and I would be interested in learning what kind of access I could have to Brady Goodwin’s class and/or books. Is there an online version available?

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