Transfer to Cairn and Refer a Friend

50% Transfer Scholarship

Cairn University is paving the way for students like you to receive the education you desire from an institution committed to biblical truth. All students who transfer to Cairn University will receive a 50% scholarship (half-priced tuition and room and board).


Take the next step now by applying to transfer to Cairn and claim your 50% scholarship.

Refer a Friend and Get $500

On top of the 50% scholarship, transfer students who refer a friend who also transfers and deposits to Cairn University will receive an additional $500 award. Your referred friend also gets $500!* 


This referral award is unlimited, meaning you will receive $500 for each friend you refer to the University who ultimately deposits and attends Cairn University with you! So yes, if you’re persuasive enough, you could cover your entire tuition for the year!  

There are two ways to confirm an incoming student as your referral:

  1. You can refer a student by providing us his/her information by using the referral form below and we will follow up with them.
  2. Your friend can also list your name on his/her application. 

 Ready to get started? Let’s start with some information about you first:

Refer a Student - Formstack
I am...*
The prospective student may be interested in...*

Student Information

Please provide as much as information as possible concerning the student you are referring.

Estimates are fine if you don't know for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply complete the application and state you want to take advantage of the 50% transfer scholarship and we will take it from there. 

Keep in touch with your friend(s) transferring to Cairn and encourage them to follow up with the paperwork. If they stay enrolled for 30 days, both of you will receive the $500 award. The key here is to keep encouraging them to complete the paperwork.

Once your friend has met the criteria, reach out to [email protected] and include the name of your friend that has met the criteria. 

Provided your friends stay enrolled for at least 30 days, you will receive a $500 referral award for each friend. This is an opportunity for free tuition for the whole semester. 

Each of your friends will also receive the $500 award. 

Yes. Please reach out to us any time to inquire about the status of your referral by emailing [email protected] or use the information on the top right of this page.

At the same time, stay in touch with your friend(s) and encourage them to follow up with the paperwork to transfer and stay at Cairn. 

*The transfer referral award is a one-time award given to transfer students who deposit at Cairn University. The total award amount will be added to the student’s account 30 days after the start of the Fall 2022 semester. Referred students must attend the University for a minimum of 30 days in order for the referent to receive the $500 award.