Summer Program: Archaeological Excavation at Tel Shimron

Each summer, Cairn students join a research team of archaeologists and professors as they uncover the ancient Israelite city of Tel Shimron.

Dr. Daniel Master with excavation teamIn partnership with Tel Aviv University and Wheaton College, Cairn University faculty and students help uncover the mysteries of one of the last large archaeological mounds yet unexcavated in Israel. Located in the hills of Galilee in northern Israel, Tel Shimron is an ancient city with unexplored biblical and historical significance.

Each summer, Cairn students have an opportunity to join researchers on a six-week dig, led by Cairn alumnus Dr. Daniel Master ’92. Researchers working on the project include archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, biologists, chemists, and geologists from Israel and the US. Currently buried entirely underground, the site’s artifacts will reveal the life and cultures of the city over a span of 5000 years. This interdisciplinary endeavor will improve scholars’ understanding of millennia of history, anthropology, sociology, economics, and politics of the ancient world, as well as biblical studies.

The first full-scale excavation season is scheduled for mid-June through July 2019. Interested Cairn students can receive 3–6 credits for BIB 362—Archaeological Practicum in Israel. Financial aid may be available in limited circumstances.

This Year’s Trip

June 23–August 3, 2019

Trip leader:
Dr. Edgar Hardesty, professor and director of the Israel & Archaeology First Year Program

$1,600 + transportation for three weeks
$3,200 + transportation for six weeks

Open to Cairn undergraduate and graduates students in any major, as well as Cairn alumni, donors, friends, and volunteers

Course Credit:
BIB 362—Archaeological Practicum in Israel. 3 credits. Participation in an archaeological “teaching dig” in Israel in order to acquaint, equip, and involve the student with a hands-on practicum in the archaeology of the Bible and its continuing role in biblical studies. Can serve as a Bible elective, History requirement, or general/liberal arts elective.

To sign up:
Register for BIB 362.

Contact Dr. Edgar Hardesty at

Tel Shimron Excavations

The Tel Shimron Excavation seeks to understand the ancient world, including the world of the Bible, through rigorous archaeological investigation, in order to provide resources for the study of Levantine history and culture over the last five thousand years. The Tel Shimron Excavation is sponsored by the Museum of the Bible. For more information, visit

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