Cairn University Honors Program

The Honors Program works to develop the skills of scholarship and the priorities of service among qualified Cairn students. The goal is for students to integrate all of their studies—stretching themselves to greater levels of scholastic accomplishment and integration. The Honors Program emphasizes the conversation between the Bible, books, and ideas that have shaped our intellectual tradition. Through reading, collaborative study, and discussion students develop their skills of reasoning, and shaping oral and written arguments. The approach is text-centered, student-focused, and writing-intensive.


  • Receive a $2000 annually renewable scholarship
  • Attend university-funded cultural outings
  • Join other honors students and faculty members for monthly dinners and discussions
  • Work closely with a faculty mentor to develop a personally designed, six-credit honors project

Admissions Criteria

  • Minimum 1270 new SAT score

  • Minimum 25 ACT

  • Minimum 3.5 GPA

  • Honors Program application

The capstone of the Honors Program is the honors project, in which the student chooses a research topic designed to bring together all of his or her education. Working closely with an advisor, the student learns and applies the fundamentals of research and writing, culminating in a project and public presentation. The University faculty is involved in mentoring each honors student, and the development of this student-faculty relationship provides an important foundation for the student’s intellectual development throughout his or her time in the Honors Program.

The honors community of faculty and students meets monthly for a meal and a colloquium. Honors colloquia include student or faculty presentations and open discussion of select topics. To provide the students with extracurricular learning experiences, the Honors Program plans special activities twice a semester. One of these is an educational opportunity, designed to open the student to the historical, cultural, artistic, and academic world of Philadelphia and the surrounding region. The second is an opportunity for service, in keeping with the mission of Cairn University, which is concerned with character and oriented toward service to Christ.

Upon completing the Honors Program, students will receive personalized assistance in pursuing vocational or educational options. Honors graduates have served at the University while receiving mentorship from University leaders as Presidential Interns; others have pursued graduate education; others began to serve in significant positions within their chosen vocation. From beginning to end, our aim is to make the Cairn Honors Program intellectually stimulating, character building, and academically valuable for the select students who participate in it.

To apply to the Honors Program, complete the online Honors Program Application and follow the instructions for submission. For more information, please contact

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