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A Word from the President to Our Alumni

It’s one of the great distinctives of Cairn: Our president is an alum who has deep and personal roots with many who have attended Cairn. Days into the COVID-19 situation, Dr. Williams expressed his availability to record a message especially for our grads.

If you watch his full video, you’ll hear about the following:

  • How Cairn has pivoted, but continues in full force
  • How you can pray for Cairn
  • How God has uniquely provided financially
  • How the Cairn community has come together uniquely

And, of course, there are more videos to see. If you only have time for the short clip above, you can at least hear how we are praying for alumni like you. Other videos can be found on Facebook or Instagram.

As always, let me know if there is any way we can help or support you. It is my hope that this message will be one more reminder of the uniquely deep connections that are woven into the fabric of our alma mater.


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