Tim SmithManor Resident Director

Resident Director, Manor Residence Halls

Tim Smith signed up with the Cairn University Resident Life Staff in June of 2017.  The second oldest of five boys, Tim grew up in South Jersey where his family still lives.  Tim’s diverse educational upbringing of being home-schooled, private-schooled and public- schooled eventually led him into a university education experience where he studied the diverse realms of study offered within the Liberal Arts. In 2015, Tim graduated with a B.A. in the Liberal Arts from Cairn University.

Passion marks Tim’s life, especially in regards to helping others realize who they are in Christ.   Currently, Tim serves at Grace City Church in Northeast Philadelphia where he leads the music ministry weekly.   He hopes to support students in their journey through the integrated, biblical based education they will receive at Cairn University.

Tim enjoys reading a book alone for hours and going out with a host of friends with shared delight.  He is excited by travel and culture.  He is a chai maker, a guitar player, a songwriter, a reader, a thinker, but finds his greatest thrills in life in relationship with other people.


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