Simone CastroHeritage Resident Director

Resident Director, Heritage Hall

Simone Castro, a global nomad, is an alumnus of Cairn University. After graduating she planned to teach overseas as a missionary, but this is not the path she walked. She began working at a franchised Chick-fil-A in Maryland, where she eventually became the Marketing Director. Through this work experience, and being involved with church ministries/fellowship, Simone realized that she found deep joy in working with others to build community and caring for others. This eventually led her to applying for the Resident Director position at Cairn.

College is an extremely formative part of an individual’s life and Simone knows this from personal experience. She is excited to work with the Resident Life Team, and Cairn faculty/staff as a whole, to influence the lives of students who step on campus, just as hers was.

Simone’s motto is “It’s not what I’m doing, but who I’m with.” With the right company, she is willing to go on almost any adventure! But if she had to choose, a perfect day would entail running, reading, and spending time chatting with fiends.

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