John Master

    Professor Emeritus, Office of the Provost

    • Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary
    • Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary
    • B.A., Houghton College

    Academic Specialties & Interests:
    Pentateuch; Old Testament History; General Epistles

    Selected Publications:

    • Basic Theology Applied: A Practical Application of Basic Theology in Honor of Charles C. Ryrie and His Work [co-editor]. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1995.
    • Issues in Dispensationalism [co-editor]. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 1994.
    • “Who is the ‘Woman’ in 1 Timothy 2?”[co-authored with Jonathan L. Master]  The McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry 10 (2008-2009) 3-21.

    Professional Background:

    • Director, Pastoral Studies program at Cairn
    • Director, Church Ministries program at Cairn
    • Chair, School of Church and Community Ministries at Cairn

    Teaching at Cairn since 1987

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