Jason VanBilliard

    Adjunct Professor, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

    • Ed.D. Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Mathematics Education, Temple University
    • M.A. in Mathematics, West Chester University
    • B.S. in Bible, Cairn University
    • B.S. in Education, Cairn University

    At Cairn, Dr. VanBilliard teaches calculus, abstract algebra, number theory, modern geometry, and history and philosophy of mathematics.  He has also taught foundations of education, philosophy of school education, global trends in education, teaching methods in the secondary school, and educational research.  An introduction to mathematical thinking course for all majors rounds out his roster.

    In addition to teaching, Dr. VanBilliard serves as an AP (R) Calculus Consultant and Reader for the College Board.  He also works as an independent consultant, providing professional development workshops and consulting for mathematics teachers.

    Dr. VanBilliard came to Cairn after teaching middle and high school mathematics at Plumstead Christian School.  Prior to Plumstead, Dr. VanBilliard taught mathematics as an adjunct professor at Northampton Community College (Bethlehem, PA), while serving as interim youth pastor at a local Baptist church.

    Academic Specialties & Interests:
    History and Philosophy of Mathematics; Conceptual Calculus; Discovery Methods for Teaching Mathematics; Integrating Biblical Perspectives in the Mathematics Classroom; Balancing Skills, Concepts, and Applications in Mathematics; Abstract Algebra

    Personal Interests:

    • Traveling
    • Hiking
    • Broadway Musicals

    Service at Cairn:

    • Chair, Secondary Education
    • Program Director, 7-12 Mathematics Education

    Teaching at Cairn since 2001

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