Gavin Hobbs

Instructor, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • MA Mathematics, West Chester University
  • BS Mathematics, Lafayette College
  • BA Physics, Lafayette College

Gavin Hobbs completed his undergraduate studies at Lafayette College. While there, he was active in tutoring various mathematics classes as well as acting as a TA and grader for some physics courses. After graduation, he spent a year tutoring mathematics and physics at Northampton Community College, and he received his CRLA Tutoring Certification level I. He continued his education at West Chester University with a MA in Mathematics degree. While at West Chester, he was highly involved in tutoring, and received his CRLA Tutoring Certification level III.

Here at Cairn, he has taught almost every math class that is offered. He has also contributed to the design of the new BA Mathematics program.

Contact Information:

Academic Interests:

  • Math
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Military history

Teaching at Cairn since 2015

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