Debbie MacCullough

    Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

    • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
    • M.A., Arcadia University
    • B.S. in Bible/B.S. in Education, Cairn University

    As a professor of mathematics and mathematics education at Cairn, Dr. Debbie MacCullough’s motivation for teaching math isn’t just the love of numbers.  As a professor, she strives to prepare students in mathematics to better understand, appreciate, and care for the world God has placed them in.  Ultimately, she hopes to help students see mathematics as one way in which to love God and love others better.  In her education courses, she works to prepare mathematics teachers who will endeavor to help students flourish in learning.

    In addition to her service at Cairn, Dr. MacCullough is gearing up to conduct research for the Elephant Project, an initiative to develop transformative teacher training in biblical worldview education for over 18,000 Christian schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Academic Specialties & Interests:
    Mathematics education for all students; International teacher training in emerging countries


    • “Understanding functions as seen in understanding of multivariate function: The case of prospective secondary mathematics teachers.” PME-NA (GA) Vol I. p.283-293.
    • “The Pendulum Swing.” Christian School Education. (2001-02).Vol. 5, Issue 4.
    • “Experts’ Understanding of Arithmetic Mean.” Published dissertations, VDM Verlag (2008).


    • “Teaching elementary mathematics effectively.” 6-session seminar presented at the Pittsburgh ACSI Convention, 2007, and at the Dayton (OH) ACSI Convention, 2008.
    • “Expert understanding of arithmetic mean.” PME-NA, 2007.
    • “Using non-standard representations to teach arithmetic mean.” Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2006/2007.

    Teaching at Cairn since 2005

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