Dale Siegenthaler

    Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

    • MA Mathematics, West Chester University
    • BS in Education (Secondary Mathematics), Cairn University
    • BS in Bible, Cairn University

    Professor Siegenthaler teaches mathematics courses at the University. After graduating from Cairn in 2006, Professor Siegenthaler began teaching mathematics at Veritas Academy in Lancaster, PA, and completed a master’s degree in mathematics at West Chester University concentrating on Real Analysis, Algebraic Number Theory, and Geometry. He taught at Veritas Academy for 13 years and served as head of the mathematics department. During his time at Veritas, he taught every mathematics class offered in the curriculum and created new electives and course sequences. Together, he and his wife have six children.

    Contact Information:

    Academic Specialties & Interests:

    • Euclid’s Elements
    • Number Theory
    • Analysis
    • Polyhedra Modeling

    Publications & Presentations:

    • Awakening Students to the History and Beauty of Mathematics. ACCS National Conference (2014)
    • Kamm J & Siegenthaler D. Transcendental Numbers and a Proof of the Transcendence of e. West Chester University Mathematics Colloquium (2009)

    Teaching at Cairn since 2019

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