Students Lead Workshop at Bucks County Technical High School

Students-lead-workshop-at-BCTHSOn Wednesday, April 6, 2016, students from Cairn’s Effective Bible Teaching class visited Bucks County Technical High School to lead a workshop titled “Pathways: Setting the Course for Your Life” for high school juniors. The teacher of the class is a Cairn alumnus, Dr. Michael Breece ’93/G’96. Cairn students were accompanied by professor and director of youth and family ministry program in the School of Divinity, Dr. Matt McAlack ’83.
The workshop was offered in partnership with Cru High School, a high-school and middle-school ministry. The purpose of the workshop was to educate students about the value of setting goals for their lives and to challenge them to think about the possibility of a college education. Cairn students worked closely with high school juniors, engaging the students and challenging them to develop their own personal goals and objectives. Cairn students also shared about their decision to enroll at Cairn University, which provided the unique atmosphere for their learning and growing, and spoke on their faith in God.
The workshop was insightful, engaging, and creative. There was a very positive reaction to the workshop from the high school students, and they were able to effectively develop long-term and short-term goals for their lives. This was a wonderful opportunity for Cairn students to be very open about their faith and act as ambassadors for the University.


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