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Sinclair Ferguson Speaks at Chapel

ferguson_medDr. Sinclair B. Ferguson, Senior Minister at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, spoke in chapel at Philadelphia Biblical University on Friday, April 20, 2012. In addition to his role at First Presbyterian Church, Dr. Ferguson is on the faculty of Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas as well as part-time faculty of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia. He is the author of some two dozen books, has authored numerous articles, and has contributed to various symposia. His writing interests have ranged from works of scholarship to books for children.
Dr. Ferguson challenged students from Paul’s second letter to Timothy, examining the marks that Paul saw in Timothy’s life which gave him a quiet assurance that the young man had been marked out by the Lord for fruitful Christian service.  “Paul has an eye that stretches beyond his contemporary moment,” Dr. Ferguson said. “He’s conscious that he is at a hinge moment with these churches that he has planted.” Paul’s words to Timothy in the epistle are full of encouragement. He focuses Timothy’s attention on the Word of God and the apostolic teaching so that he can launch Timothy into the future, preparing him to fill the role of guide, shepherd, and leader of the church.
In his examination of Paul’s words to Timothy, Dr. Ferguson spoke the words of the Apostle into the lives of the students present: fan into flame the gift of God, don’t be ashamed of the gospel, live a life of sanctity and holiness, follow a pattern of sound orthodoxy, and live a faith without hypocrisy.  He encouraged students to go forward from this university, living lives that are anchored in the gospel.
Dr. Ferguson concluded his visit to campus by participating in an interview with Mr. Jonathan Master, Director of the Center for University Studies. The interview will soon be released as a part of the Conversations video series.


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