School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Welcomes John Hodges for Chartres Cathedral Lecture

Chartres Cathedral
john-hodges-headshotOn Saturday evening, October 22, a crowd gathered in Holmes Hall to hear a lecture on the splendors of Chartres, a medieval cathedral in the early Gothic style.  Our guest was Mr. John Hodges, director of The Center for Western Studies. The Center for Western Studies is a gap year program that explores Western culture through the study of great books, music, and art.  Mr. Hodges took the audience on a virtual tour of the beauty and significance of this magnificent 12th century structure.
After visiting the cathedral many times, Mr. Hodges has been increasingly drawn to the intricate details, the craftsmanship and dedication of the laborers, and the thoughtfulness of the layout.  He provided many slides, and explained several of the wonderful displays of stained glass and the stories and parables they illustrated.  Hodges highlighted a particular window in the cathedral that depicts The Good Samaritan parable as a striking metaphor for the salvation story up to Christ’s return, all of which is presented in a series of juxtaposed panes.
After the lecture, guests enjoyed a dessert reception in the gallery space, where they were able to admire the stunning pottery of Andrea Fiori, the director of Cairn’s Arts and Culture First Year Program.
The event was hosted by Cairn’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, represented by Dr. Brenda Ebersole, Mr. Christopher Palladino, Mr. Matt Stemler, Ms. Andrea Fiori, and Provost Dr. Brian Toews.  The evening was sponsored by Greystone Academy of Newtown, PA, and Greystone’s Head of School, Ms. Christine Mooradian.  The Greystone Medieval History dual-enrollment students were also in attendance.
Written by Christopher and Heather Palladino
Picture by Christine Mooradian


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