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Record Attendance at JAM 2012

PBU JAM staffApproximately 900 individuals participated in J.A.M. 2012 at Philadelphia Biblical University on May 18-19, 2012.  J.A.M. (Junior High Adventures in Ministry) is run by the Youth Ministry Program at PBU. Each year, young teens come to campus for intensive evangelism training on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Following the training, children from throughout the region come to campus and are paired up with the Junior Highers for activities and the opportunity for the teens to share their faith one-on-one.
This year, a record number of 380 children came from dozens of churches and ministries in Trenton, several sections of Philadelphia, and Williamstown, NJ. They were paired up with the teens, and after activities at stations throughout the campus, they sat down to talk about Christ.
“Many of the children were from unchurched backgrounds,” says Dr. Matt McAlack, Director of PBU’s Youth Ministry Program. “It was quite a sight to see pairings of teens and children spread out all over the grassy areas on our campus! The Gospel was going forth from every corner.   135 children decided to put their trust in Jesus as Savior for the first time.”
Cairn student sharing with child at JAMThe churches and ministries that brought the children to the event will follow up with them as they serve them on a daily basis in sometimes difficult situations.
Every individual who participated in the event was impacted in some way; from the PBU students who led the event, to the volunteers from PNC Bank who came to help with lunch; from the bus drivers from Yellowbird Bus Co., to the Youth Leaders;  from the leaders of the children’s ministries, to the members of the worship band.
Photos and stories about the event can be found on the J.A.M. page on Facebook.


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