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The Social Service Interdisciplinary Program offers the opportunity to customize your education and be part of a historic, Christ-centered community focused on social service.


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Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

4 yrs


Why Study Social Service Interdisciplinary?

This program is designed for students who are interested in helping others and wish to be part of a service community, but do not wish to earn the credentials necessary to become a professional social worker.  This interdisciplinary approach allows for students to take courses that relate to their interests and passions customizing their education.  Students in this program gain a foundation in social work basics, experience, and organizations as well as human and cultural diversity. Graduates of this program earn a Bachelor of Science in Bible degree. This program is not accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Why Study Social Service Interdisciplinary at Cairn?

  • Interdisciplinary access to multiple schools and specialties to customize your education to suit your passions, interests, and calling
  • Seeking to serve others without the structure of a professional discipline
  • Learn about social work in conjunction with a foundation of bible/theology courses
  • Receive a biblical worldview on social service work


Career Paths

  • Community activist
  • Missionary
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Church leader

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At a glance

Program Credits


Standard Completion Time

4 yrs

Programmatic Accreditation

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