Politics exists wherever humans exists, because humankind is political. They alone exercise rule—and offer justifications for it. The study of politics is bound up, intrinsically, then, with the study of human nature and its place within creation.  The politics major at Cairn University is about politics, its practice and its study, its universal character and its character within the American constitutional order.

At a glance

Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

4 yrs


Why Study Politics?

Political science investigates practical, but high, questions through intensive study of human nature. By learning what human beings are and what they are designed to do—what the end or purpose or telos of human life is—political science strives to understand human striving, while recognizing the limits of human understanding. Political science rejects the nihilistic view that human life is nothing but sound and fury, signifying nothing. Political science discerns a supreme good at which all human actions point, happiness, and the physical, moral, and intellectual excellence most conducive to it. Through the serious study of politics, serious minds can discover that all human actions, including war and the peace it might produce, point to the good life, the happy life, the life of virtue.

Why Study Politics at Cairn?

  • Study with professors who are politics experts well connected to the professional political community.
  • Learn to think biblically about the nature of humanity and its impact on the nature and function of politics.
  • Meet and interact with American political leaders and renowned guest lecturers.
  • Study politics in the city of America’s founding and walk in the footsteps of those who fought for and shaped a new form of freedom and government.
  • Take advantage of the unique partnership with the John Jay Institute and its fellows now living and studying on Cairn’s campus.
  • Study with and interact with students from other disciplines with which politics intersects such as business, criminal justice, social work, and education.
  • Prepare for a career in politics, government, or the military, as well as graduate studies in law, political science, public policy, foreign affairs, etc.
  • Pick up beneficial minors such as history, pre-law, business, social work, and criminal justice.
  • Take electives like Arabic, Spanish, film & culture, social justice, and the minor prophets.

Career Paths

  • Political Scientist
  • Lobbyist
  • Journalist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Lawyer

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