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The BA degree in Music program features an interdisciplinary curriculum for students with a diversity of musical interests. 

Fall 2021 undergraduate start date: August 30, 2021

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Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

4 yrs


Why Study Music (BA)?

This degree is geared towards students that know they want to study music but do not want to focus their study solely on composition or performance. Students have great flexibility in the personal shaping of the program, including a wide variety of electives and a personalized senior project. Upon graduation, students will have a foundation of music education and performance on which to enter graduate level study.

Why Study Music (BA) at Cairn?

  • Interdisciplinary program within a biblical and Christian context
  • Excellent & accomplished faculty
  • Students have opportunities to study both on campus and throughout the Philadelphia region.
  • University ensembles include the symphony orchestra, wind ensemble, chorale, and opera theatre.
  • On-campus learning includes master classes, studio classes, chamber ensembles, and the David Kim Ochestral Institute of Cairn University.
  • Cairn is located 30 minutes from Philadelphia and just over an hour from NYC.

Career Paths

  • Graduate Schools
  • Church Positions
  • Seminary
  • Law
  • Medicine 

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Program Credits


Standard Completion Time

4 yrs

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