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There has never been a more vibrant time in creating sustainable and profitable careers related to music and creativity. With this dual-level program, you can explore your passion of making music while building hard and soft skills to land a job after graduation and pursue a multitude of careers in and beyond the music industry.

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Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

5 yrs


Why You Should Consider This Program:

This degree is geared towards students that know they want to study music but do not want to focus their study solely on composition or the performance of a particular instrument. Students have great flexibility in the personal shaping of the program, including a wide variety of music electives and a personalized senior project. This program includes hands-on learning through ensemble participation and studies in music theory and history.

Earning a Music (BA) concurrently with an MBA will set you apart in the job market and allow for more opportunities for growth in your career. In the Cairn University MBA, you will learn the quantitative and operational skills necessary to help drive business success, but also understand the importance of organizational dynamics and the essential values required for ethical, moral, and wise leadership in today’s marketplace.

How it Works:

This program condenses six years of study (four-year bachelor’s + two-year master’s) into just five years by starting master-level courses as early as your junior year. By completing both degrees together, you will also continue to receive your undergraduate scholarships and financial aid for all five years of study, which will save you thousands of dollars.

Program Highlights:

  • Grow as a musician and a leader in this interdisciplinary program within a biblical and Christian context.
  • Study under accomplished faculty and musicians.
  • Explore the nearby cultural areas of Center City Philadelphia and New York City.
  • Participate in University ensembles, including the symphony orchestra, wind ensemble, chorale, and opera theater.
  • Benefit from on-campus offerings including master classes, studio classes, and chamber ensembles.

Application Details

Apply to Cairn indicating your interest in the music (BA) major. Once you are accepted and on campus, you will have an academic advisor who will guide you through the steps of pursuing the dual-level program. 

Career Paths

  • Leading Artistic Organizations and Nonprofits
  • Entrepreneurial pursuits related to artistic goals
  • Executives for Orchestras and other Music Groups
  • Executive Positions for Music Businesses
  • Producer
  • Tour Manager
  • Operations Management
  • Sales & Marketing

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At a glance

Program Credits


Standard Completion Time

5 yrs

Programmatic Accreditation
National Association of Schools of Music (NASM)
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