Mathematics (BS)

Gain the mathematics knowledge you need for further graduate studies in mathematics and other scientific fields.

Why Mathematics (BS)?

A Mathematics (BS) degree prepares students for a variety of math, science, engineering, and technology careers across fields. Use this degree as an end to land a job as a mathematician in a company or government organization, or as a beginning to launch into the wide and varied fields of science and technology. Upon completion, students will be equipped to enter graduate programs in mathematics or other scientific programs for research and application.


Why Mathematics (BS) at Cairn?

  • Study mathematics through an integrated biblical worldview that strengthens your faith in God.
  • Prepare for graduate-level studies in mathematics and other fields.
  • Delve deeper into your chosen field of mathematics with the flexibility to study what you want to master.
  • Learn mathematics in conjunction with Bible/theology courses, preparing you to minister to those in STEM careers.
  • Interact with professors invested in you and your pursuits.


Career Paths

  • Graduate studies in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Graduate studies in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
  • Graduate studies in Engineering
  • Actuary (with additional study for actuarial exams)