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Whether preparing for doctoral studies or simply pursuing a deeper understanding of God, His Word, and His world, continue your theological education in an intensive, seminar-based setting under the mentorship of experienced faculty-scholars. 

Designed for those who have completed an MDiv degree, Cairn’s Master of Theology allows you to gain the advanced knowledge and theological study skills needed to better serve the church or its educational institutions.

At a glance

Program Credits

*MDiv required (114 credits total)

Standard Completion Time

1 year

Program Highlights

  • Specialized courses in the Old Testament, New Testament, and theological topics allow you to grasp a deeper understanding of God’s Word.
  • Small-group seminars provide structure and accountability of a formal learning community.
  • Develop, present, and defend papers in doctoral-style seminars covering a wide scope of topics.
  • Receive one-on-one faculty support for research and scholarship.
Graduate Theology student with professor


To enter the program, the candidate will:

To complete the program, the candidate will:

  • Successfully complete all required coursework with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Successfully complete the Capstone Project.


For more information about the Master of Theology degree program, email

Typical Program Curriculum

  • GRK 831 – Advanced New Testament Seminar 1
  • GRK 832 – Advanced New Testament Seminar 2
  • HEB 831 – Advanced Old Testament Seminar 1
  • HEB 832 – Advanced Old Testament Seminar 2
  • THE 831 – Advanced Theology Seminar 1
  • THE 832 – Advanced Theology Seminar 2
  • THE 891 – Thesis 1
  • THE 892 – Thesis 2

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