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Cairn University is committed to preparing shepherds and teachers for the local church.

Prepare for pastoral leadership in local churches focused on the Word of God. Study the Bible cover-to-cover while developing a foundational understanding of Christian doctrine and applied theology, preparing to approach pastoral responsibilities ranging from counseling to financial management with a biblical perspective.

Fall 2021 graduate start date: August 30, 2021

At a glance

Program Credits

72 + language proficiency (24 credits) 

Standard Completion Time

2-4 yrs

Program Highlights

  • Study in a multidenominational conservative evangelical setting, united around a shared statement of faith and enhanced by the richness of a diverse classroom representing over 40 denominations.
  • Prepare to read the Bible in the original language through two years each of Greek and Hebrew.
  • Earn a seminary degree while benefiting from robust university resources, including library access, student services, and campus events.
  • Attend class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, accommodating flexible work schedules.
  • Advanced standing of up to 24 credits may be granted for Bible/Theology credits earned at an accredited Bible college, Christian liberal arts college or university, or seminary. Credits will be granted on a course-by-course basis.
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Typical Program Curriculum

Semester Course
Fall #1 BIB 700 Canon and Context of the Bible
CHM 631 Pastoral Care and Leadership
HEB 631 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I
Spring #1 BIB 711 Gospels and Acts
CHM 731 Issues in Christian Education
HEB 632 Elementary Biblical Hebrew II
Summer #1 THE 601 Overview of Christian Theology
CHM 621 The Spiritual Life
Fall #2 BIB 701 The Pentateuch
THE 712 History and Doctrine of Humanity, Sin, and Salvation
HEB 731 Exegesis of Hebrew Prose
Spring #2 BIB 713 General Epistles and Revelation
PMN 721 Pastoral Counseling
HEB 732 Exegesis of Hebrew Poetry
Summer #2 THE 701 Church History
BIB 702 Old Testament Narrative Literature
Semester Course
Fall #3 BIB 712 Pauline Epistles
PMN 631 Homiletics
GRK 631 Elementary New Testament Greek I
Spring #3 BIB 704 Psalms and Wisdom Literature
PMN 731 Advanced Homiletics
GRK 632 Elementary New Testament Greek II
Summer #3 THE 711 History and Doctrine of the Triune God
BIB 703 Old Testament Prophets
Fall #4 THE 745 Contemporary Theological Issue
CHM 791 Guided Field Experience
GRK 731 New Testament Greek Exegesis I
Spring #4 THE 713 History and Doctrine of the Church and Last Things
BIB 745 Exegetical Book Study
GRK 732 New Testament Greek Exegesis II


To enter the program, the candidate will:

To complete the program, the candidate will:

  • Successfully complete all required coursework with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Successfully complete the Capstone Project.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Articulate a master’s level understanding of the Bible appropriate for vocational ministry.
  • Articulate a master’s level understanding of systematic and historical theology appropriate for vocational ministry.
  • Demonstrate exegetical skill in the original languages of the Bible.
  • Demonstrate expositional skill in communicating God’s Word.
  • Demonstrate shepherding skills of caring for and leading God’s people within a ministry setting.
  • Demonstrate evidence of mature Christian character necessary for vocational ministry and lead God’s people to spiritual maturity as one who models the same.

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