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Take the first step toward earning your Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) credential by completing 15 credits of coursework requirements with a focus on autism. ABA is the most research-supported scientific treatment for autism and is highly effective for individuals with other disabilities as well.

These courses are available to Cairn’s undergraduate students in all majors or individuals already holding a bachelor’s degree in any major from a qualifying accredited institution. Cairn’s Special Education Certification students are required to complete only 9 additional credits. If preferred, complete additional experience requirements and pass the BCaBA exam to be eligible for the BCaBA credential.

At a glance

Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

1.5 yrs


Why Study Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) Coursework at Cairn?

  • All courses completely online
  • 50% tuition discount for educators working in Christian schools
  • Unique 5th edition course sequence verified to meet coursework requirements for the 5th edition BCaBA exam and 4th edition BCaBA exam.
  • The 4th edition exam is available through November 2021 and the 5th edition exam is available starting January 2022
  • Optional intensive practicum (IP) courses verified by the BACB as meeting the experience requirements for BCaBA exam eligibility
  • Dual-level degree program options available to PK-4, 7-12, and HPE majors to concurrently earn a MS in Special Education in ABA and fulfill coursework requirements for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) credential
  • Document of completion awarded to students successfully completing all coursework and notifying their program advisor of the completion; document of completion does not indicate certification in behavior analysis

BCaBA Credential

  • To be eligible for BCaBA credential, students must also complete experience requirements and pass BCaBA exam. Visit for other requirement details.
    • BCaBA experience requirements:
      • May fulfill by completing supervised independent fieldwork (SIF) (no affiliation with University)
      • Or fulfill by enrolling in optional SPE 591 ABA Practicum Group Supervision course for up to two semesters to receive online group supervision while accruing intensive practicum (IP) hours at a self-arranged site per University approval.
      • During each semester of IP, individual supervision must also be provided by onsite or self-hired BCBA supervisor. Or take optional SPE 592 ABA Practicum Individual Supervision course at additional credits beyond the program.
      • 500 IP hours required for 4th BCaBA edition exam and 1000 IP hours for 5th edition BCaBA exam.
      • For experience requirement details and SIF required hours, visit BACB’s Experience Standards for 4th edition and Experience Requirements for 5th edition.
    • ABA Practicum Group Supervision and Individual Supervision courses not available to undergraduate degree students
  • BCaBA coursework requirements can also be met by taking BCBA courses.
  • Students are responsible to verify if this program meets the ABA licensing or certification requirements of the state and/or country where they intend to practice.
  • Pass-rate data are not published for sequences with fewer than six first-time candidates in a single year or for sequences within their first four years of operation.

Career Paths

  • General Education Teacher: Students with autism requiring Level 1 support (i.e., the lowest level of support such as individuals with Asperger Syndrome) are likely to be included in the general education classroom. Develop effective skills and critical knowledge to maximize access and learning for students with autism and other disabilities.
  • Special Education Teacher and Autistic Support Teacher: Providing strategic interventions and adaptations and effectively managing challenging behaviors of students with autism and other disabilities are key components of success for a special education teacher. Completing this program along with the Special Education Certification program will equip you with the tools and skill set for this highly demanded role.
  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA): BCaBAs use ABA principles to develop, implement and monitor behavior, academic, and social intervention plans under the supervision of a BCBA. To be eligible, complete the program and additional experience requirements and pass the BCaBA exam.
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA): BCBAs are in high demand nationally and internationally and are generally well-paid. Students will be equipped with expert skills to train teachers and parents and develop intervention programs using ABA to enhance academic, behavioral, social, and life skills of students with autism.

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BACB Verified Course Sequence

Ready to get started?

Typical Program Curriculum

Semester 15 Credits
Fall #1 SPE 421 ABA for Autism and Other Disabilities I
SPE 422 ABA for Autism and Other Disabilities II
Spring #1 SPE 423 Interventions for Autism/Other Disabilities
Summer #1 SPE 426 Sec Transition Assess/Interv (1 cr.)
SPE 437 Supervision/Management (1 cr.)
SPE 438 Ethics for Behavior Analysts (2 cr.)
Fall #2 SPE 434 Single Subject Research (2 cr.)
To begin the coursework, current Cairn students should contact their advisor; other candidates must:

To complete the program, the candidate will:

  • Successfully complete all required coursework with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

For more information about the online BCaBA coursework, contact Kristina O’Connell, Admissions Counselor, at

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