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Cairn’s accounting program prepares students for the business world and the CPA exam. Accounting students at Cairn may choose to earn a BS degree (120 credits) or a BS degree + BS in Bible (150 credits).

Fall 2021 undergraduate start date: August 30, 2021

At a glance

Programmatic Credits

120 or 150 

Standard Completion Time:

4 to 4.5 yrs


Why Study Accounting?

Students who enter the accounting program enjoy working with numbers. Accountants solve the puzzles of business and finance. Their position keeps a record of the flow of money through an organization, making sure the books reflect accurate information. At Cairn, we prepare you for this chief place for integrity in an organization. Additionally, if students choose the dual-degree program (BS in Accounting + BS in Bible) or the dual-level program (BS in Accounting + MBA), they will have the required 150 credits to sit for the CPA exam. 

Why Study Accounting at Cairn?

  • Earn a BS in Accounting & an MBA in as few as five years through Cairn University’s dual-level program.
  • Earn the 150-credit requirement to take the CPA exam (if student chooses to add BS in Bible or MBA).
  • Utilize Cairn’s business connections to enter world-class internships while you study.
  • Be mentored by professors who have successful, global experience in business.
  • Study coursework relevant to today’s workforce.
  • Graduate from a program full of successful & driven alumni. 95% of business students are employed within three months of graduation.


Career Paths

  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • CPA
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Finance Director
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Actuary

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At a glance

Program Credits

120 or 150 

Standard Completion Time

4 to 4.5 yrs

Programmatic Accreditation

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