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Stephen Basile headshotStephen Basile ’18

Major: English with a minor in education

Hometown: Puebla, Mexico

four-year cross country student-athlete

How did you end up at Cairn University?
My parents have been missionaries in Mexico for 25 years. I am one of four brothers to come to Cairn. I knew my two older brothers had a great experience and I desired a Christ-centered education and to run cross country. As an international student, I was attracted to the small campus. I could tell that the professors really cared about the students within the first semester.

What does your tuition aid from The Cairn Fund mean to you?
My desire is to go into ministry. Because of The Cairn Fund, I can go straight into kingdom building after graduation. I am grateful to those who have invested in me because their generosity has made and will continue to make an impact on my life.

What is the most important aspect of Cairn that has made a difference for you?
Because of my background, a lot of what I learned in my Cairn bible classes was not new to me. My dad was a pastor for many years, and the school I was at was Christian and the Bible was integrated into all of my classes there. So as far as book knowledge went, I didn’t feel like that was where all the growth was being done. But I started to grow a lot more in my faith, and my relationship with God became more serious. I would meet with Professor Mark Jalovick for breakfast every Tuesday at 8 am, and it was great. We talked about a lot of things—from my spiritual growth to silly things—but it was through that mentorship that I really started to engage with the Bible more independently. I think Professor Jalovick just helped me to connect the Bible to real life in ways I could not do by myself.

If you had the opportunity to say something to those considering giving to The Cairn Fund, what would it be?
I love the University! Because of their generosity I feel a responsibility to do the best I can to give back in the future. They supported me, so I plan to support the next generation.


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