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Rosetta Davis heashotRosetta Davis ’19

Major: elementary/middle-level education (4-8)

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Tell us about your background.
I was not raised in a traditional Christian family. I grew up in Philadelphia, and it was a candlelight service where I found Christ. Through all my trials of being a single mom and constantly being in trials of the world, God has showed up for me. The Lord has given me a lot in my young adulthood, and I want to share what the Lord has done for me in my town of Philadelphia.

How did you end up at Cairn University?
I graduated from high school and continued in community college, but because I put my son first, my two-year degree took six years. Years later, after working at a non-profit and being laid off, it was time to go back to college. I explored many options, but when I met Dr. Gossard, I realized that the faculty at Cairn University truly cared and would pour into me. I have been so blessed by my experience here.

What does your tuition aid from the Cairn Fund mean to you?
When I felt like college and parenting was too much, God put people in my path to encourage and advocate for me. The tuition aid was the gift that I needed to persevere. I would not have made it without this financial assistance.

What do you enjoy most about your education?
At Cairn, I learn professional skills, but I also get to learn them from a biblical worldview. The professors have trained me to not only teach, but to articulate and defend my faith in inner-city Philadelphia, my home and the place that God has broken my heart for and has called me to teach.

If you had the opportunity to say something to those considering giving to the Cairn Fund, what would it be?
It is easy to think a small gift does not make a difference, but do not doubt the magnitude by which the Lord can multiply its effects in someone’s life.


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